“I always loved it on a deeper level. I couldn’t NOT do it.”

While Chris’ appreciation of music started at a very young age, studying album art, learning lyrics, repeating songs or parts of songs from a tape deck player, his formal training didn’t begin until his mid-teens.

Once drum lessons began, his focus was set. In the years to follow, his every decision pointed him closer to a career in music performance and writing. Fresh out of high school, Chris was found living and working in the heart of Vancouver’s busy and worldly music community.

“I had a high-level position as a builder and tuner at the best little drum company in the world, in a town where the best and brightest studios and record makers worked.”

It wasn’t long before Chris’ name was synonymous with drums, drumming, studio teching, recording and performing at the highest level.

“I was either in the studio tuning drums for guys like Bruce Fairbairn or Garth Richardson, playing with one of six bands, tracking, rehearsing, performing, or hustling…. I was busy.”

His capacity for learning was only limited by time in the day as his surroundings provided a unique canvas for which to practice and discuss, observe and integrate.

“I was rubbing shoulders with the biggest and best in every genre, jazz, metal, funk, rock, and absolutely everything in between.” Chris’ skill behind the throne became well known as his energy and ferociousness would always garner double takes. When the drum chair for Vancouver superstar Bif Naked became available Chris got the call and so began two years of touring and album making. Eventually the bar had to be raised again and this would take the form of joining an original band on the rise. Soon after his departure from Bif and opportunity to join “Everything After”, fronted by Vancouver artist Crispin Earl, would come up, and Chris jumped on it. The music was cutting edge, radio friendly, and the band was chocked full of other great musicians.

This would begin another two-year stint as Everything After went on to win numerous contests and work with renowned producers Chad Kroeger, and GGGarth. Personalities clashed and business suffered and by 2004 the group was no longer viable. With the dream still in his heart Chris got to work on his next project “Bomb the Past”. He would front this group.

Before this project could get started Chris got another call for his drumming skills, this time to record for Canadian Idol, third place, runner up, Jacob Hoggard (Rapist). For the next 11 years Hedley would dominate the Canadian music scene garnering multiple industry awards, platinum albums, number one videos, arena tours, and thousands of fans. Chris was fired after recovering from a brief illness.

The next two years were very difficult as Chris wrestled with having to sue a business partner for fraud, settling his untimely and sudden departure with Hedley, death of a pet, mental illness in his close family, lingering rheumatoid arthritis, and the sudden departure of his wife.

“Then someone says something like, ‘well ya know, it can’t get any worse’! ha!”

MrCrippin is the result of a 20 year career in the business. An open canvass of incredible highs and crushing lows, but most importantly, an outlet where one always existed but went relatively un-tapped.

“Just watch me” – Pierre Elliot Trudeau