Day In and Day Out, We Work

Posted by on Feb 17, 2018

Day In and Day Out, We Work

It’s not at the beginning. There aren’t any photos of that. I think I was camera shy, or maybe there wasn’t enough to think it worthy of photo ops. After a year Tarek had set up his first studio outside of his home. It was fortunate that we managed to live in the old NAL building for another 12 months before it fell to the unyielding need for growth and another Starbucks outlet. I bought that guitar because our resident drummer Aleks mentioned that Devin Townsend was selling this one and that I would probably dig it. He was right – I don’t think i put it down last year.

Day in and day out we work to create a new thing, and still it isn’t good enough for our producers. Sorry everybody, you’ll just have to wait till Eddie and Gretch give it the green light.

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